Telecare Management Suite
Manage numerous processes, people and products

Telecare Management Suite

The management of a telecare system involves numerous processes, people and products.

In order to create a telecare system that provides an efficient, professional service, your monitoring centre needs to have visibility of your whole end-to-end process.

The Telecare Management Suite can help to achieve this with features including:

The Telecare Referral

As new service users are referred to your organisation, all the necessary details are entered directly into the Answerlink system.  The service user details create the secure, core information portal from which all the other processes and actions will take place.  As the telecare management tools are fully integrated, the central information system will continually be updated in real time.

Integrated Assessment Tool

This feature captures all the assessment information needed. The data is input directly against the service user and includes the ability to assign dates and times of appointments and notes against each appointment. This can be linked to a calendar where all the other relevant activity can be viewed, for example previous appointments or review dates.

Integrated Installation Management

The ‘Installation Tab’ on each Service User Record is where detail of stock installation and de-installation can easily be input and accessed.  It is simple to view other relevant information at this time including stock or staff availability.

Management and Maintenance of Stock

Answerlink has a fully integrated Stock Control System. The system provides powerful and flexible stock management capabilities for both local and remote operators.  The stock control system is extremely flexible and allows the management of a variety of equipment including alarm units, sensors and wheel chairs.  Each individual stock record includes warranty period, full stock item history and stock notes fields for battery replacement, servicing dates etc.

The system will also cater for stock with and without serial numbers. The stock system allows for batch entry and supports barcode readers. The system provides the ability to report on the type of equipment, availability and age of stock. All changes/updates made to stock are logged for auditing purposes. All information associated with stock can be queried and reported upon. For example an operator can create a report that shows the battery replacement date for stock items whose batteries need replacing within the next month. This report can then be scheduled to be run and automatically delivered to the customer’s maintenance team each month.

Staff Scheduling Module

The Staff Scheduling Module allows the monitoring centre to manage their staff in the most flexible and efficient manner, optimising resources and saving money. Using a variety of criteria, staff rosters can be created quickly and efficiently for all your support staff.  These may include staff availability, shift patterns, qualifications or location for Centre Operators, Telecare Installers or Assessment officers.  All diaries can be linked to service user records, to enable a fully transparent and integrated system.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Answerlink allows every aspect of the telecare process to be reported on, for example how many installations have taken place in the last week or the average time between referral and assessment.  Bespoke reports can be set for automatic generation and delivery, which can then be saved for future reporting.

A telecare monitoring centre needs to have visibility of the whole end-to-end process to create an efficient, professional service.

The management of a telecare system involves numerous processes, people and products.

The Answerlink Telecare Mangement Suite features Telecare Referral, Integrated Assessment Tools and Installation Management, Stock Control, Staff Scheduling and Reporting.