m-Care is the provision of assistance, support and advice services to clients in their own homes AND out in the community as they go about their normal daily lives. Clients are able to use their own mobile phone to alert the 24/7 response centre if they need help. 

m-Care is very simple.  Anyone who uses a mobile phone can use m-Care by simply pressing a speed dial number on their mobile handset to contact their 24/7 response centre.  The call will be presented to the centre operators in a similar manner to a typical telecare call, showing clearly the call is from a mobile phone, and a normal two way conversation can then take place.

The m-Care service has the potential to allow GPs to prescribe more ‘early intervention’ services engaging the patient much earlier in their care plan.  With some GPs now being involved in the commissioning of services, it may be very attractive to them to prescribe a 24 x 7, cost effective, monitoring and reassurance service. 

The TSA have produced an m-Care good practice guide which may be of benefit if you plan to introduce m-Care services, please see the download section for more information.

Standard mobile phone application

m-Care allows Answerlink to receive incoming calls from any standard mobile phone.

Efficient management of calls

All m-Care calls are received and managed as ‘alarm calls’ at the response centre and not general telephone calls, despite coming in from a standard mobile phone.

Messaging facility available

SMS text messaging (both sending and receiving) is available to all users of the response centre.


History of all SMS messages are logged and recorded.

GPS location finder

An in-built GPS location finder available for more vulnerable clients.

Standard mobile phones

A range of cost effective standard mobile phones can be provided if the client does not already have a mobile phone.