Lone Worker


Jontek’s Lone Worker Monitoring is a software package used to monitor the activities and safety of employees and contractors working in the field. This may be your in-house staff visiting a service user for assessment or installation of telecare equipment. 

Alternatively, it may be staff from another department within your organisation who you provide the Lone Worker Monitoring Service, on a contractual basis, providing you with the opportunity to generate additional revenues. Regardless of who is being monitored, it is an effective way of ensuring work is safely delivered as planned.

The most important feature of Lone Worker Monitoring is to provide a safety mechanism for those working out in the community.   Lone Worker Monitoring provides the reassurance that if they do encounter a problem during the course of their duties, help is at hand.

How does it work?

The Answerlink monitoring and response centre maintains Lone Worker records detailing all their essential information for example, name, description, contact numbers etc.

• When the Lone Worker arrives at their planned destination, they log into the centre using their work mobile phone, by calling a predefined Log-In number
• The system will auto answer and automatically identify the Lone Worker from their mobile number
• An automated voice menu then asks the Lone Worker to key in via the telephone keypad the duration of the visit
• It then asks the Lone Worker to leave a voice message with details of the purpose of the visit, the address being visited and any other relevant information
• The visit is automatically recorded against the Lone Workers activity schedule
• At the end of the visit, the Lone Worker calls the dedicated log out number which logs the visit as complete
• If the Lone Worker does not log out as planned (within agreed tolerances), an alert will be automatically raised at the Answer-link monitoring centre. The staff at the monitoring centre can play back the message left by the Lone Worker and decide upon the most appropriate action to follow up and verify their safety

The system has a fail-safe mechanism so that if a worker forgets to log in or log out of a visit, the operator is prompted and can then verify their status.

Lone Worker Panic Line (additional feature)

If a potential serious situation arises, the Lone Worker can press the panic button on their mobile phone. This then calls the dedicated Lone Worker Panic Line at the centre and is automatically highlighted on the alarms calls waiting screen.

Once the call has been accepted by the centre operator, the Lone Worker Record is displayed with details of the Lone Worker, including their current visit. The operator is then able to talk to the Lone Worker to ascertain the situation and respond accordingly. There is also the option of using GPS locating technology which allows the exact location  of the Lone Worker to be found via a 3rd party mapping application, e.g. Google Maps.


• 24-hour call centre assistance
• If a work visit does not go as planned, Answer-link will prompt you
• Ensures workers arrive and leave safely
• When an alarm is triggered the operator can make an informed choice on the appropriate course of action based on the information on the screen
• Safety mechanism for workers out and about in the community
• Full call reasons and actions audit trail
• Ability to monitor average length and number of visits
• Produce detailed reports on Lone Worker activity
• Fully integrated into the Answer-link monitoring and response centre
• Familiar alarm calls handling interface, no additional operator training required
• Cost effective solution, no specialised field equipment required