Homecare Provider Monitoring


AEGIS is the latest generation of Homecare Provider Monitoring System and has been developed in response to customer requests for a cost-effective solution that gives greater flexibility, ease of use and improved reliability.  AEGIS utilises state of the art technology to capture real time carer visit information, eliminating the need for timesheet returns and reducing administration effort.  Does not require the purchase of any specialist telephone equipment and no client call charges are incurred, making it simple and cost effective to implement and operate. 

Our solutions have been designed to allow integration with existing Social Services Corporate systems, Homecare Rostering systems and will also link to your corporate WAN via the intranet/internet in line with the Government’s e-Gif Policy. AEGIS Care Provider monitoring can also be provided as a stand-alone package with web based reporting to monitor and report on the internal/external provision of care. Alternatively, we are able to offer our Homecare Scheduling and Monitoring systems fully integrated, stand alone or integrated with your existing scheduling system..

Meets the requirements of IT departments

Our systems have been developed to comply with all of the current Government legislation for homecare providers, namely The National Care Standards, Fairer Charging Policies, CSCI, e-GIF (Government IT Web Standards) and the Electronic Social Care Records (ESCR).

Fully Web-enabled in line with the Government e-GIF Policies

Allows greater integration between Social Services, Health and Housing, enabling information to be exchanged between their various databases. Fully scaleable, AEGIS has no practical limit to the number of carers being monitored or the number of concurrent users.

Management Reporting

The system has a powerful yet user friendly reporting facility which allows our clients to meet the increasing demands of Government for accountability and to provide extensive statistical and financial information on the range of homecare services they provide.

Hosted Solution

AEGIS is provided as a hosted solution allowing secure remote access via a Web Browser. All remote web communication is fully encrypted. All computer and telephony equipment is hosted by our secure data centre partner and maintained by Jontek 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


AEGIS can export qualified information to allow accurate Client Invoicing, Staff Payroll and Purchaser Billing. The system can also interface to a wide variety of financial systems e.g. Sage, Pegasus.

Security Manager

The system has a powerful and flexible in-built security manager which allows it to be tailored to meet your needs in terms of accessibility of information covering a wide range of personnel with varying functions and requirements.

Auditing and Traceability

A powerful feature of the system is that it allows for full auditing and traceability of all actions carried out. The audited information can then be reported on giving an overall understanding of how the system is being administered.

Real Time Alerts

One of the most important features of the system is to provide a safety mechanism for carers and
clients. It provides reassurance to both parties that the system will always be keeping a watchful eye on them for any potential problems whilst providing care. In the event of a problem arising the system can generate real time ALERTS to ensure any issues are highlighted early for immediate attention and remedial action.

Voice Mail

Messages can be exchanged between Carers and their Supervisors using voice mail. Also, a voice mail message in relation to the visit can be tagged to the visit record for future verification and authorisation.