Automated Reassurance and Reminder Service


The Automated Reassurance and Reminder Service aims to increase levels of independence and confidence to all service users.  The reassurance service checks if a service user is feeling well and allows for support to be called if required.  The reminder service can be used to support those service users who need to take regular medication.

At set times during the day an automated message will be sent to the user’s mobile telephone or landline which will then ask for a response.  This message can be an automated voice message, a personalised voice message or an SMS text message. A positive response from the service user would be to press a key on their telephone key pad and this would then indicate the service user is OK. If the response from the automated reassurance/reminder call is negative, a series of calls / text attempts can be made to the service user.

• The time between follow up calls can be bespoke to each automated message.

• If the prescribed maximum number of call attempts is reached, an alert for help will be presented on the Calls Waiting screen of your 24 x 7 centre. 

• An automatic alert may be sent by email or text message to a single contact, or a series of contacts.  Alternatively the alert can be presented on the Calls Waiting screen of the Monitoring centre, which is dealt with by an operator following an agreed response protocol.   This is important for those more vulnerable clients who need to know that a call for help will be managed personally and professionally from a central call centre.


Ability to personalise the system, including:
• Ability to create a personal message from carers
• Choose preferred means of communication required (mobile phone, landline, text message)
• Choose how often the call takes place and time taken between calls
• There is no set limit to the number of reminder calls per day
• Up to 10 call attempts can be made for each prescribed call
• Choice of automated messages to carers by text or email or management by the monitoring centre as per bespoke response protocol (voice call, email, SMS text)

What is it for?

The types of applications which this service supports include:
• Reassurance calls for peace of mind – Automated calls can be used in conjunction with current care packages to provide additional support to vulnerable service users.    The service promotes independence at every level
• Medication reminder service – This service encourages the correct medication to be taken at the correct time
• Security /Safety reminders – This can be used at night time to ask if home appliances are switched off and doors /windows locked
• General reminders - Reminders for other important tasks which may impact daily life, which may include regular appointments


Who is it for?

The groups that could benefit from the automated messaging and reminder service include:
• Vulnerable adults who need to know someone is checking on them regularly
• People with early on-set dementia
• Those who have been recently discharged from hospital
• Regular / complex medication users
• Younger people with learning difficulties / physical difficulties who like to be mobile
• Lone workers
• Those who are at risk from a fall