Handle Calls Anytime Anywhere (HCAA)
Log in to your system wherever and whenever

Handle Calls Anytime Anywhere (HCAA)

Wherever and whenever you need to log on to your Answerlink system, you can.

The new remote calls handling feature from Jontek allows staff to handle calls anytime anywhere, within an organisation, or even from home.

How it works

By simply clicking on the Answerlink icon on your desk top, a remote connection to your Answerlink system can be opened, which allows staff to log in via your secure corporate network.

After logging in as normal, you enter your landline number, or any other number which you will be call handling from.  You are able to enter a variety of telephone numbers including a desk phone and extension, a home telephone number or a mobile telephone number.

Answerlink will display a 4 digit security code on the screen. It will then call your specified telephone number and ask that the code is entered into the telephone keypad to verify the correct telephone number has been connected.

Once this has been done, you are presented with the Answerlink Calls Handling Screen and you are then able to take calls and manage data as normal. All calls are voice recorded as normal and a full audit trail is provided, including details of all calls handled and any follow up actions required.

As the application runs in a browser, it is not necessary to be loaded onto your desktop or laptop.

Who is it for?

  • Members of staff who handle calls, who need to work remotely
  • Additional call handlers  who need temporary access, perhaps from a different location of work due to an unplanned peak in demand
  • Additional call handlers who need to access Answerlink from home, perhaps to cover a shift if another staff member goes sick in the middle of the night
  • Managerial staff who work from multiple offices, yet need to be able to access the system for data interrogation or reporting purposes
  • Other key stakeholders who may need to access Answerlink data to allow for joined up working and sharing of data, even when based at various locations

This solution can also be used as a part of a Disaster Recovery solution.


  • Easy to set up – Not necessary to be pre-loaded onto desktop or laptop computer
  • Safe and secure – The same high levels of security exist as per standard Answerlink user
  • Lines are checked and reliable – The system automatically checks the line is correct and working at the start of every session
  • Full compatibility – Landlines, mobiles and desktops with extension numbers are all compatible
  • Promotes flexible working – Any location with web access is an option
  • Cost effective – Able to maximise staff time due to mobile access to Answerlink
  • Virtually extend your monitoring centre
  • The flexibility and efficiency of mobile working is now available for your call centre

Remote calls handling allows Answerlink users to handle calls from anywhere within the organisation, or even from home.

Staff can log in to Answerlink via a secure corporate network.

HCAA can be used as part of a Disaster Recovery solution, to ensure your monitoring system is always available for your service users that rely on it.