Transitioning from analogue to digital technology

What is #GoDigital?

Analogue technology that has been used to operate Technology Enabled Care services (TECs) across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in the UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructures.

This process has important implications for existing analogue Monitoring Centres, as they may not be capable of supporting assisted living and TECs that are utilising digital technology. In many cases analogue products will continue to operate, but may become less reliable, and more complex to install and manage.

Jontek is therefore encouraging all Monitoring Centres to #GoDigital with Answerlink, our comprehensive Assisted Living Platform for the management of TelecareTelehealthLone Worker and m-Care services.

Why should you #GoDigital with your Monitoring Centre?

  1. Migration from analogue Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) to digital Internet Protocols (IP) has already begun, with the aim to be concluded by 2025
  2. We are offering FREE digital audits, together with early bird discounts to centres upgrading to digital during 2018
  3. Compared to outdated analogue systems, digital technology brings countless benefits including increased speed of connection, reliability, flexibility and efficiency
  4. We can provide an end-to-end digital solution with Jontek’s digital platform, and Tynetec’s range of digital Assisted Living and Technology Enabled Care solutions
  5. As Technology Enabled Care services transition to digital, analogue technology may become less reliable, and possibly more complex to install and manage
  6. To ensure the continued provision of your safety critical services, we can transition your Monitoring Centre to a digital infrastructure with no downtime and zero data loss
  7. There is a real need to begin developing a plan to gradually migrate to digital, as 2025 is the end point, rather than the beginning
  8. We can protect your past investments, whilst allowing you to plan for a digital future, by delivering a technology roadmap to facilitate your digital transition
  9. The digital future will bring challenges, but also significant opportunities to meet the current and future demand for monitoring centre services
  10. Answerlink is the Scottish Government’s platform of choice for fully investigating the implications of digital in Technology Enabled Care services at their three pilot digital pathfinder centres

#GoDigital with your Monitoring Centre in 2018.

Technology Enabled Care services must transition to digital to support current and future service users.

Contact Jontek for your FREE digital audit, and we'll work together to plan your migration.

In comparison to outdated analogue technology, a digital solution offers the benefits of:

  • Always being "on" and connected
  • Improved speed of connection
  • Reliability of communication
  • Simultaneous calls
  • Handling large volumes of data
  • Efficient installation
  • Early indication of loss of communication
  • Ability to deliver new digital services
  • Increased operational efficiencies