Project Management


Our Project Managers work in partnership with the customer to fully understand their business processes to ensure their new Answer-link system will succeed at all levels, operationally and strategically.

All aspects of our project implementation are undertaken in accordance with the methodology and structure as defined under PRINCE II. 


By conforming to PRINCE II standards, Jontek ensure all projects are carried out in a well defined, managed and controlled environment with visible processes to achieve the desired results.

Experience of Successful System Implementation

Jontek have a wealth of experience implementing both large and small monitoring systems.  The Project Management team has strong Change Management skills and have many years of experience implementing systems within this market place.

Project Manager Focus

We appoint a Project Manager to each project whose role is the following:
1.       Schedule an Implementation Programme
2.       Schedule a Training Programme
3.       Plan for changes during the Project Cycle
4.       Work closely with the Customer’s Project Manager

Understanding of Business Requirements

It is fundamental to Jontek’s approach that, before recommending a system solution, a thorough understanding of the business requirements must first be understood.  Only when this has been fully articulated, can the appropriate Implementation Programme be developed. To ensure the continued momentum of projects, rigorous change control structures are put in place.


The day to day operations of telecare response centres and domiciliary care providers are increasingly reliant on data networks.  It is therefore vital that disruption to the normal operation of the service is minimised during any work on implementation, upgrading or adding to the existing system.  Once a Project Schedule is agreed, the Project Manager will instruct our engineers to install and test equipment to a phased schedule, keeping disruption to a minimum, or avoiding it altogether.

Partnership Working

Jontek recognise the importance of successful system implementation and recognise the wide variety of factors that can influence the success of any system take up.  Jontek aim to work in partnership with our customers and prospective customers to understand their business process and ensure that the system will succeed at all levels, operationally and strategically.